How to choose


1. Select and click "Sunglasses" or "Glasses". Choose the sunglasses or eyeglass frame you like.


1a. It is important to choose the right size - it is indicated next to the price of the frame or described in detail in the "Description" section.
If you are already wearing sunglasses or an eyeglass frame that fits you, you can check its size on the inside of the temples.



52 - the width of the lens.
Usually ranges from 40 to 60.

18 - the length of the gap between the lenses above your nose, known as the bridge.
Usually ranges from 14 to 24.

145 - the length of the temple.
Typically standartized – 135, 140 or 145.

Choose new glasses with the same numbers. If the numbers are worn or you do not have any glasses, select one of three sizes by letter:

S - for narrow face;
M - for middle face;
L - for wide face.

2. Each of our faces is individual - the width of the face, head and nose, the shape of the cheeks, the distance from the eyes to the ears, etc. are different. Therefore, when choosing an eyeglass frame, you should pay attention to the following:

a) The nose bridge of the eyeglass frame should match the width of your nose, it has to be not too wide or, vice versa, not too narrow.
The nose gap of the metal frames can be adjusted using the nose pads.

b) The lower part of the frame should not sit on your cheeks, as in the long-term the frame may rub the skin.

c) The size should be proportional to your face. If your face is small, do not choose a large frame and vice versa.
d) The frame should not be wider or narrower than your face.


2a. If you selected sunglasses or an eyeglass frame without lenses, click on "Cart" and make a payment.
After receiving the payment, we will deliver your selected product free of charge.


If you chose an eyeglass frame with lenses, then:
1. In the “No. 1 Purpose” section select the purpose for which you need the eyeglass lenses and click on them;

2. In the “No. 2 Prescription” section enter the prescription details manually or attach a copy of the prescription (as a picture, screenshot, scanned document, etc.);

3. In the “No. 3 Lens thickness” section select the lenses of the required thickness and click on them;

4. In the “No. 4 Protection, coatings” section select lenses with the required protection and click on them.

After selecting all the options, click on the “Cart” and make a payment. As soon as payment is received, we will manufacture the glasses you have chosen and deliver them to your address once ready.

3. If you choose an eyeglass frame for progressive lenses, it should not be with the narrow glasses to fit all three viewing zones of the lens – for near distance, middle distance and far distance, and the dimensions from the pupil to the bottom of the frame should not be less than 20 millimeters.


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