Cookie Policy


What are cookies?

This website uses cookies. Cookies are small information files that a website server sends to a web browser. The browser saves them on the user's hard drive as regular files.

Cookies are used to provide several website processes:

  • Customizing website functionality based on visitors' website usage habits;
  • Obtaining site traffic statistics (number of visitors, time spent on the page, etc.);
  • Reviewing the use of the site and improving the quality of services provided;
  • Protection of customer data and prevention of fraudulent activities;
  • Display advertising information tailored to the needs of visitors.


The website uses two types of cookies:

Session cookies, or temporary cookies, that only work while a computer user is using a website, which means, until the user leaves the website and closes the browser. Cookies help the website to “remember” the actions taken by the user on the previous page of the website, such as filling in the application form, thus there is no need to re-enter information.

Persistent cookies that remain in the user's browser files even after the end of the website visit session.

The storage time of cookies on the user's computer depends on the type of each cookie. The cookies used on the website do not collect personal information about its users.

Managing and deleting cookies

To delete the set cookies or revoke the given access, you need to change the settings of the web browser. The process for changing settings varies depending on the type of browser you are using.

For information on how to delete cookies from your mobile device's browser, please see your device's user guide.